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Red Chilli (Whole & Powder)

Red chilli is a spice that has become an indispensable ingredient in the Indian cuisine. We offer our clients premium quality red chilli. It retains its original dark red color and is suitable for preparation and seasoning of dishes. Our product is sold in attractive moisture proof packaging. This packaging helps in retaining the qualities of the chilli.

Fennel (Whole & Powder)

Our wide product range includes fennel seeds can be used as a natural mouth freshener. Chewing of fennel seed is very common as it has natural mouth freshening properties in it. The leaves of fennel are having strong flavors. Fennel seeds have medicinal properties and fennel seeds are also used for flavoring of natural toothpastes.

Black Pepper (Whole & Powder)

Black pepper is defined as a small and unripe fruit of Piper Nigrum, a weak climbing plant, which is dried to be used in the form of spice & seasoning. One of the earliest and the most widely used spices, it smells extremely pungent. In India, its production is largely concentrated in South India & other tropical regions. It is derived from the vine of Piper Nigrum.

Coriander Seeds (Whole & Powder)

Coriander seeds in India (Dhania) are mainly used in curries and garam masalas. Coriander seeds are used as Dhana Dal which is very famous in India usually consumed after meals and it is also eaten as snack. It is also a key ingredient in the South Indian cuisines for dishes like Sambhar and Rasam.

Turmeric (Whole & Powder)

There are various benefits and uses of Turmeric Powder from food to medicines. There are hardly few recipes in which Turmeric Powder is not used in Indian Dishes. Almost all Indian vegetable and meat dishes use turmeric either as separate spice or in the spice mixture.

Cumin (Whole & Powder)

The dried seed of the herb Cumminum cyminum is known as cumin which belongs to parsley family is produced by Jeevan Spices International. Our rich quality Cumin extracts natural sweetness out of all the dishes and consequently used in many dishes.

Cardamom (Whole & Powder)

Cardamom is the dried fruit of a herbaceous perennial, with branched subterranean rhizomes. The warm, humid climate, loamy soil with rich in organic matter and distributed rainfall makes Indian cardamom unique in aroma, flavor and size.

Cinnamon (Whole & Powder)

Cinnamon is the dried bark of an evergreen busy tree. There is a particular season for pealing of the bark. It is considered superior compared to cassia though they belong to the same class. Cinnamon is used in a wide variety of foods, Beverages, Pharmaceuticals...

Dry Ginger (Whole & Powder)

We offer peculiar Dry Gingers that can surely enrich the taste and make savory food. Our dry ginger is indispensable for the typical relishing Indian food. We have a commanding status in this territory.