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Jeevan Spices International is an independent sustainable company that helps people enjoy good food. We are sustainable because we care about the way we do business; we do whatever we can to reduce our impact on the environment. We are independent because the management of Jeevan Spices International own the company. We help people enjoy food by putting recipes on our jars and our website.

It was in 1975 that Mr.S.Venkatasalapathy & Mr.I.S.Chellaperumal founded Rice Mill, in the then fast-growing shopping hub of Tirunelveli.

Like all great success stories, Jeevan Spices International as the Rice Mill is fondly called by customers, began from humble origins and now grown up in spices manufacturing in 2011.A name which is not only appreciated but also loved by thousands of travelers coming to India for his wonderful spices and his personality.